Hollie Kitchens is a branding strategist. She’s an internationally charted podcast host, with over 250 million GIPHY views and the experience of having helped more than 1,000 businesses with branding. She was once a small business owner herself, with zero online presence—but that has all changed.

She became determined to find a better solution for entrepreneurs like herself who were trying to break through their lack of authority in order to expand their digital footprint. After spending years researching and testing different branding methods, Hollie created her own unique strategies for helping people in any industry differentiate themselves from the competition.

Hollie has been recognized as one of SUCCESS Magazine’s “Women of Influence” due to her hard work and dedication in helping others reach both personal and professional success through brand building techniques. Her passion for helping others succeed guides everything she does—from running workshops and webinars about brand-building tactics, hosting podcasts for insights into taking your career or talent further, or simply being available for advice whenever someone needs it—Hollie truly stands out as an expert amongst experts when it comes to helping anyone build a brand, create intentional name recognition and credibility online.

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